emotions you never knew existed
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Absolutely nothing in the world compares...

to those first seconds when you set eyes on your newborn baby. I'll be there to capture the details, the expressions and the unforgettable moments before, during and after you give birth.

My style has a "documentary" or "photojournalism" approach. It's very candid and raw. There will be very little, if any, posing. Just images of raw emotion and real moments as they happen.

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During our initial meeting, we will discuss what you have in mind for your birth. We will go over specific shots you want, the birth plan and any other details you want captured. We will go over limitations as well. Do you want crowning images? Are you planning to breastfeed? If so, are you anticipating photos of little one latching on for the first time? We will go over all these important details, during the pre-consultation.

Now we wait...

It's getting close!!!

Two weeks before your estimated due date, I will be on-call, 24-7, until baby arrives.

Now, it's your job to let me know as soon as you're officially in labor. You know, the point of no return. (Or, you can delegate this job to another trustworthy, non-flustered individual... you and your significant other may just be a little busy.)

When you reach 5-6cm, I will arrive. I will be there for the duration of labor until you get to meet your brand new baby. I will stay about an hour after birth, to photograph your family meeting your Little and getting some cuddle-time in.

Within 24 hours of your baby's arrival, I will send you 3 to 5 fully edited images for you to share with friends and family.   Approximately two weeks after your birth, I will provide everything that is included with your birth session! You get to see a slideshow of your images and relive that beautiful moment all over again! This is also the time you place your order for albums or any additional prints you might like.

Two weeks after order is placed, I will personally hand deliver your heirloom products to you.


Q. What is birth photography?

  • Birth Photography is a documentary-style photography session. Beginning during active labor, about 6 cm dilated, photograph all stages of labor, through birth and about an hour or two after delivery.

Q. What kind of photos do you take at birth sessions?

  • I typically do documentary-style photographs. In other words, very little -- if any -- posing. Just raw emotions and moments as they happen! As for types of photographs I take during birthing session, everyone's preferences vary. In our consultation, we can discuss what kinds of photographs you feel comfortable with and go from there.

Q. Do you take pictures of the whole labor and birth?

  • This is up to you. I will photograph whatever you would like documented. I most definitely will photograph whatever you feel comfortable with. My only other limitation would be the limitations of the hospital or doctors.

Q. Will you post the photos on the internet?

  • I will post photos, modestly of course. I will not post anything you’re uncomfortable with. This is something we will discuss during our initial meeting.

Q. Will we meet before the birth?

  • Absolutely! I want you to feel as comfortable with me and as confident with the process as possible.

Q. When do you show up?

  • During active labor, preferably at approx. 6 cm

Q. When should I book you?

  • The earlier the better, this way you can be added to my calendar as I only take 1 or 2 birth clients a month.

Q. How long will you stay? What if I have a long labor?

  • From active labor until an hour or two after labor.  I'm very flexible in this area, as labor is unpredictable.

Q. What if I have a short labor, will I get a refund?

  • No. There’s no way to predict how long a labor will last, but all births require the same amount of expense, time and commitment on my part. Remember, even a short labor is part of your Birth Story.  If I happen to miss your birth, I will offer a Fresh 48 Session and a Lifestyle Newborn Session in exchange.

Q. What if I have a C-section?

  • I am always open to shooting any birth, no matter the circumstance. This being said, this is something you would need to speak with your doctor/midwife about, as there may be limitations with my being in the OR.

Q. Will I have to get approval from my hospital?

  • Please discuss this process with your doctor/midwife. Some hospitals are more strict than others regarding photographing the actual birth.

Q. Do you use a flash? What if I want my birth dark?

  • Flash is used on an ‘as needed’ basis. I like to use flash in very low-light situations, as it ensures I capture all images. This is rarely 100% necessary, though encouraged in certain situations. This is something we can discuss during your consultation.  Remember, the lower the light is, the grainier your photos will be.  My flash has a hood that points to the ceiling, making it highly unlikely the light will disturb you.  But if it does, all you have to do is tell me and I will do my best.

Q. How long will it take to get my photographs?

  • Approximately two weeks later, I will contact you to delivery all the products included with your session.  Sooner if 


My fee of $800 includes everything below to make sure you remember your baby's birth as magical as it is:

  • Optional in person meeting to make sure we are a good fit;
  • On-call services 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date;
  • My attendance at your birth from 5-6 cm dilation until your baby is weighed and dressed (approximately 1 hour after birth);
  • 70 to 100 fully edited and handcrafted digital images on a custom thumb drive;
  • 4X6 fine art prints of all your photographs;
  • A fusion of video and fine art photography;
  • A custom slideshow set to music;
  • 4 low resolution digital photographs  within 24 hours of your baby's birth for you to share with friends and family; and, 
  • A coupon for 15% off your newborn lifestyle session.



  1. During your Pre-Consultation - We can start a Baby Bank Account.  This means you choose a date during the month that is most convenient for you to send your payment.  I will then schedule payment reminders for you to submit your payments and pay your session in full no later than 2 weeks before your estimated due date.
  2. After your receive your final products - If you find products you absolutely can't live without, we can create a plan that works best for you! You decide on a deposit ($99 minimum) and monthly payments.  Once this is paid in full, we can get your products ordered and delivered directly to you.


  1. DO NOT wear red.  Neither you or your spouse should wear red for your baby's birth.  I know it sounds a little nuts, but red makes skin tones soooooo difficult to edit.
  2. DO NOT wait until you can no longer talk through your contractions to call me.  I need at least an hour to get to your birth.  The sooner you call me, the better.  I can always stay in touch with your midwife as things progress to not disturb you.
  3. CALL ME.  When in doubt, call me.  I would much rather be there for a false alarm or two than to miss your birth all together.
  4. CALL ME if you are in labor in the middle of the night.  I do not hear text messages in my sleep.
  5. CALL ME only from yours or your spouse's phones.  Only those numbers will be added to my favorites and will force my phone to ring even when set to do not disturb.
  6. TEXT ME after each appointment with your OBGYN or midwife after 32 weeks.  I just need a quick update on any changes.  This will help guide me as to what to expect.