Breastfeeding on the Border

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I started this series by accident…

I was at a birth fair a few weeks ago, when a dear friend of mine told me I should photograph "real" breastfeeding.  I remember staring at her for a second and saying, "as opposed to fake breastfeeding?"  I was so confused.  Then she started to explain to me that she was shopping for groceries the week before and found herself amused that she could shop, push the cart and breastfeed all at the same time.  "THAT", she said, "is REAL breastfeeding."  I fell in love with the idea immediately and told her we should do it asap.  But, being the funny girl that she is, she immediately volun-told (volunteered) one of our other friends who is also nursing.  

Stephanie (shown above) was my first Breastfeeding on the Border mamma.  The idea quickly spread on social media, and now I'm slowly trying to photograph all those supermoms who volunteer.  

Have you had one of those moments when you're breastfeeding and think, "SHEESH!!  If only I had a picture of this!"  Whether it's at work or vacuuming your car, let me know!  I'd love to capture as many unique experiences as possible.

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I can't wait to share these supermoms' experiences with the world!