Who is my client?

Not everyone is my client. It’s taken me a while to be ok with that. I want your session to be memorable and enjoyable. My ultimate goal is that you are happy, so your vision has to mesh with my photography style. If your style is strictly posed photos, then I am probably not your best choice. My client is comfortable with perfect imperfection. My client loves savoring fleeting moments. My client knows the beauty of all the small details in life. My client is AMAZING!

What is lifestyle photography?

When you look back at the photos on your parents’ or relatives’ walls, what do you see? You definitely DON’T see the true personality of each of your family members. You definitely DON’T see what life was like during that specific moment. What you see is stiff poses and fake smiles. Lifestyle photography is the complete opposite. It’s the snuggles with your babies…your daughter’s hair blowing beautifully in the sunlit wind. It doesn’t matter that everyone isn’t sitting perfectly. It’s all about the moments that make your family yours, and only yours. YOUR moments are my specialty.

What’s in my bag?

I use a full frame Canon 5d Mark III with a 24mm Sigma Art Lens. I absolutely love the rich colors and perfect background blur this combination gives me. I also use a Sony A6300 with a 16mm lens that is amazing at keeping up with little ones that love to run and climb. My Sony goes everywhere with me for my family’s everyday moments. I definitely DON’T carry any lighting equipment. I’m all about natural light.

What will my birth session be like?

You and I will meet or chat on the phone to make sure I know all the details of your birth plan. I will clear my schedule two weeks before and two weeks after your due date. This will insure I am available for you at any time of day or night. I will come to you when you are about 5cm dilated and will stay with you until your baby is weighed and dressed (approximately two hours after birth). A few hours after your baby is born, I will send you 3-5 digital images to share with friends and family.

What will my lifestyle session with you be like?

We will meet for coffee or chat on the phone about what your vision is to make sure we are a great fit. I can definitely help you plan your family’s outfits to match your vision. I have an awesome Pinterest board to help with that! I’ll also have you fill out a quick questionnaire that will help me understand your family dynamics and your babies’ personalities a little more. You’ll tell me what kind of activities you do for fun and what your babies like to do. When the big day comes, I will likely take your babies from you for a few minutes so we can play and get to know each other. This will also help get them comfortable with my camera. Once your babies and I are BFFs, we’ll come back to you and get started. I’ll give you gentle guidance that will help you and your babies interact in such a way that I know what special moments to expect. And don’t worry, meltdowns are ok too!! They usually make awesome Christmas cards.

I can promise that we will run, we will play, we will hang out…we will have FUN!

Where will my session take place?

Birth sessions can take place in your home, at the hospital or a birth center. You tell me where you’ll be, and I will be there!

All other sessions are at a location of your choice. We can shoot at home or at the park. If you need help finding a place, I can definitely do that too. The goal is to always make sure you are comfortable in your location so that we get the most natural shots possible.

What is a newborn lifestyle session?

Newborn lifestyle sessions are the perfect way to capture all the details that makeup your new baby’s life. This is the perfect time for me to capture what your baby’s nursery is like, or how older siblings are interacting with their new baby. There is no better time to preserve their tiny feet in dad’s hands, or your baby’s tiny head peeking out over your shoulder. Do you have fur babies that need to be included too? Of course we can! Fur babies are a part of your family too.

What is a child lifestyle session?

Your baby has his own interests that are like no other child’s. This is the perfect time to capture your child during what they love most – whether it’s playing in a puddle, or playing with blocks at home, or even running in the park. These sessions are all about YOUR baby in this specific moment in time.

What is a family lifestyle session?

Remember when I told you what lifestyle photography is all about? That’s it! My only purpose is to capture you being YOU with your babies. I’ll give you some direction and guide you in such a way that your babies won’t notice we are creating beautiful moments.