Welcome to Hospitals of Providence Transmountain Campus Newborn Sessions


I believe the first moments with your new baby are extremely important. You’re meeting your baby after having waited 9 long months to see the color of her eyes, her hair…her smell. The last thing I want to do is be an intrusive salesman that makes your session terribly uncomfortable. I strive to get in and out within 15 minutes, tops, so you can get back to learning what it’s like to be a brand new mommy. My goal is to capture your baby’s beautiful perfections exactly as she was the day you met her! I will never try to sell you anything in your room. I will simply take her photos and hand you instructions on how you can find them online when you’re comfy at home. It really is THAT easy! I promise you will fall in love with your photos because your baby will never be that tiny again.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Your newborn session is FREE at participating hospitals.  Yes... FREE. I take your photos right in your room while I’m there. My goal is to make your baby’s very first photo shoot beautiful, pressure free and comfortable. I’m a terrible salesman, so there is no sales on-site. I take your baby’s photos and go about my day. You can view your baby’s photos and slideshow at your convenience when you’ve had time to settle in with your baby at home.

You always have the option to purchase your digital images in the comfort of your home!



These portraits are a timeless gift and exactly the solution you’ve been looking for for your favorite new family. You can purchase gift certificates for any dollar amount you wish, or for individual packages. 

Our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you select your gift option. Simply click the “book now” button below to get started!


Q: When and where will my session take place?
A: Your session will be performed usually the first day following birth in the comfort and convenience of your hospital room. Be sure to book early, as sessions on day of discharge are typically not possible.

Q: How long does the session take?
A: Sessions usually last 15-20 minutes.  

Q: What are your fees?
A: The session is free, and I will give you instructions on how you can view your photos online and purchase at a later time.

Q: What should I bring?
A:  A fuzzy or textured blanket makes a great background. Reds and fuscia tend to make baby’s skin look a bit redder than it normally would look, so think about that while selecting that favorite outfit. 

Q:  What if I’m already at the hospital and I didn’t plan for photos or I left my hospital bag at home? 
A:  Don’t worry! I have a few beautiful swaddles and items we can use for your baby’s shoot.

Q: Can other family members be included in the shoot?
A: Yes!  I encourage both parents and siblings to participate.

Q: What if my baby is in the NICU?
A: I will gladly accommodate NICU sessions whenever possible.  Contact me to book your session.

Q: How do I schedule my session?
A: Please call/email me shortly after your birth to schedule your shoot. I will swing by every morning to check in with all families.