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I N F O R M A T I O N   F O R   P A R E N T S

When do I pay for my child's photos?

Prepay envelopes will be sent home a few days before picture day.

How much do your packages cost?

My packages are simple and start at only $21.

Will I be able to purchase prints and digitals?

Yes!  You will have the option to purchase a variety of sizes of prints and high resolution digital photographs.

I N F O R M A T I O N   F O R   S C H O O L S


What is Boutique School Portraiture?

Do you remember picture day at school?  Ugly backdrops and stiff, uncomfortable poses.  I love getting rid of all that yuckiness. My aim is to set each student at ease and spend a few minutes capturing a glimpse of who they are at this moment in time. I never force a child to smile.  My ultimate goal is to capture each child's individual personality. 

What Services Do You Offer?

Everything I offer is done online. Families are linked to password-protected online ordering galleries. Galleries are set up according to grade, homeroom, advisory, or whatever grouping which makes sense for the school. Each child will be provided 2-5 images, presented in both color and black and white. The family may choose the photos they want printed, as opposed to having a pose chosen for them. I also provide product choices such as canvas gallery wraps and digital images for future printing and archiving. A detailed PDF describing all ordering procedures and shooting day preparation will be provided to each school to be distributed to families prior to photo day.

Prints are ordered online and delivered directly to the school. 

I provide all equipment and personnel needed for photo day.

I provide the school with all high resolution digital files to use for yearbooks, website, school advertising, school ID's, or however the school wishes to use the images.

I handle any questions from parents and families about ordering and products.

I take staff photos and provide a complimentary print package for staff members as well.

I am willing to work with schools to provide custom services that fit your unique needs.

Do You Provide School ID Cards?

Yes!  We can work together to create the perfect functional ID card to meet your school needs.

How Many Children Can You Accommodate?

I have provided this service to schools as small as 60 and am ready to work with schools with as many as 1000 children.  I have worked with kids ages 1-18. Preschools, elementary schools and high school students are always welcome.

What Happens During the Session?

I'll spend 1 to 2 minutes with each student. I'll capture several images that reflect their personality by engaging them in conversation and silly jokes. 

How Are Orders Placed?

Money is NOT required up front.  Prior to picture day, I will provide an information brochure and an information card for each student to take home. Students who wish to participate will bring their completed information card to school on picture day.  I will use this information ONLY to send parents their login information. {All information is kept private, never shared, or used for marketing.} Approximately two weeks after picture day, I will send parents (via email or text) their child's login information.  Two to five edited poses from each student’s session will be included in both color and black & white. My proofing system is hosted online through private, password-protected galleries.

What Products & Packages Are Available?

There are four package options to choose from including prints or digital files, starting at just $20. Also available are a la carte package add-ons are digital file downloads and gallery wrapped canvases.

How Long Does the Whole Process Take?

After picture day, it will take approximately two weeks for proofing galleries to be ready for you to access. Galleries will be active for 10 days. Once parents have made pose selections in their galleries, it takes about two weeks for prints and products to arrive to our studio. I will personally deliver orders to the school, unless parents request to have things shipped to their home address. (Shipping to homes is available for an additional fee.) I will email parents to let them know orders have been delivered to your school.

Is Participation Required?

Nope! If parents do not want their student to participate, they are not obligated. I will capture a session with each child who brings a completed information card, and will provide a proofing gallery for every student I photograph. Proofs will be provided digitally so your teachers won't have to worry about collecting un-purchased proofs or order forms. All students will be included in class portraits.

Interested In Booking Your School's Boutique School Portraits?

Contact Blanca today to discuss bringing this unique approach to school picture day to your school!

What are Schools Saying?


You, my friend, have the BEST organized company out there!  You are ready to fly  with the big companies and  will probably take over.

You are amazing. Fast but good quality. Professional and fun with the kids. I have never heard so many GREAT comments  on how your team worked giving students individualized attention.   I have nothing but great things to say about you. I am so glad you are here. And when you start making billions of dollars, I hope you will remember us little people.   Each one of your staff members were fantastic, fun and really made all the difference. Great interaction creates great photos, which equals happy PARENTS!!!  Thank you again for an outstanding organized school picture process.  

Welcome aboard. We look forward to working with you for years to come.


Jill Myrick - Harmony School of Innovation

What are Parents Saying?

His pictures were amazing and I plan on getting them on canvas!!! You’re amazing! - M. Coulter

You did such a great job! He looks like a model! Thank you! - T. Jackson

Thank you for taking such amazing pictures! - M. Pace

BTW my older daughter in 5th grade said you were very attentive to detail (fluffed her hair, took off her glasses, etc.) I really appreciate that. Thank you very much for everything! - A. Mata

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